Gigaset CL750 Sculpture Cordless Phone

The design phone: Stunning forms. Ergonomic lines. Outstanding technology.

The new Gigaset Sculpture offers a perfect alliance between design, technology and user-friendliness: Its unique sculptural shape, ergonomic lines and flawless surfaces make for a stunning addition to your contemporary home interior. The phone’s stand-alone base station allows you to position the handset and its charger unit anywhere you wish – giving you absolute flexibility. While Gigaset’s High Sound PerformanceTM technology delivers brilliant sound quality even during hands-free calls. So you and your family can enjoy every landline phone conversation to the fullest
  • Range of contemporary cover styles for charger unit.
  • Large 1.8” TFT colour display
  • 3,6 mm (megapiksel)
  • Generous phone book: Up to 200 entries with 3 numbers, VIP call ringtone option and birthday reminder
  • Baby monitor, alarm clock, calendar
  • 5-Step volume adjustment for earpiece and hands-free function
  • Anonymous call protection: Incoming calls without caller ID with optical signal only
  • Easy handling

    Effortless perfection in form and function.

    The new Gigaset Sculpture blends high quality materials, customisable premium finishes and stunning ergonomic lines with outstanding usability. The result: an elegant design statement for your contemporary home that sets new standards in landline telephone comfort for the entire family.

    The choice is all yours.

    The stand-alone base station of the new Gigaset Sculpture landline phone allows for a completely flexible positioning of the handset and the charger unit – so you can pick or hang up and charge your phone wherever you wish. For further individualisation, choose from a range of sophisticated charger unit covers to perfectly match your home interior. Here is to the joy of distinction.

    Make yourself comfortable.

    The technical features of the new Gigaset Sculpture are all about making things easy for you: The large 1.8” TFT colour display allows for outstanding readability and navigation and may be customised with a black or white background. The generous phone book holds up to 200 entries with three numbers each and has a VIP call ringtone option and birthday reminder function. Be alerted of any missed calls and messages by a stylish LED notification. And guard yourself and your family against nuisance calls with the anonymous call protection function that warns of incoming calls without caller ID with an optical signal. It’s really that easy to feel at ease.

    So many functions. To make your life a little easier.

    Make sure the kids are alright – without an additional monitoring device: The baby phone function alerts you on your mobile phone or on an additional handset as soon as your baby wakes up. Or lets you communicate with your older child via the intercom feature. Also included: an alarm clock with a snooze function and a calendar with space for up to 30 appointments. Each with various melodies to choose from. At five different volume levels or in a crescendo. So you never miss another date.

    Loud and clear.

    It’s the brilliant sound quality thanks to High Sound PerformanceTM (HSP) technology that makes landline calls with the new Gigaset Sculpture such a joy. The five-step volume adjustment lets you fine-tune the sound intensity to your personal preferences or surroundings. Even during hands-free calls – so you can easily undertake other activities while talking on the phone.

    ECO DECT: Cut costs and radiation.

    The new Gigaset Sculpture phone varies the transmitting power from the handset to the base station depending on their distance apart. The result: energy efficient telephony that’s easy on the environment. The ECO Mode decreases the transmitting power by 80%, while the ECO Mode Plus even switches the transmitting power off whenever the phone is in not in use. It’s that simple to keep your home free of unnecessary radiation.
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